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Crime Prevention Program

posted Jan 27, 2015, 5:22 PM by JLynn Tocher
Last night at our meeting (January 26, 2015), the South Woodlawn neighborhood was offered an opportunity to participate in a new type of crime prevention program. The Knoxville police department along with local firm CSI Protect have FREE kits to mark the valuables in your home.

These kits use a new type of technology that, once applied, is invisible to the naked eye. However, the police can detect it and use it to trace the item back to the original owner. The clear fluid contains unique information markers that that will be registered with law enforcement. When a stolen item is recovered the police can detect and use that information to return the property to you.

The product is called SeletraDNA and has been used successfully in England and other European countries for years. Our neighborhood was recommended by Knoxville Chief of Police David Rausch to be the first in the United States to try it. The kits are completely free of charge. They will contain a bottle of marking fluid and applicator, stickers to place on marked items, window stickers and a yard sign to show your valuables are marked and traceable. Each kit can mark up to 25 items such as T.V.'s, computers, cameras, jewelry, art, guns or whatever you want to protect.

If you wish to participate in this program, you MUST send Danny Gray your home address (danlgray (at) aol (dot) com. Addresses MUST be within SWNA boundary - see map.

You must hurry because the number of kits is limited. \The planned launch of the program is set for Saturday, February 7. There will be a neighborhood meeting that day and the kits will be handed out. The police department will be there along with CSI Protect and representatives from the local newspaper and television stations. The idea is to promote this product and our neighborhood, thereby letting potential thieves know it will be harder to get away with stealing from us.

Below are some links to addition information about SelectraDNA. I hope you will look at them and decide to participate.